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Inherit the Earth

November 20, 2012


The autumn term is hotting up! It is, without a doubt, the busiest term of the academic year. This year, I kick started a new Youth Theatre at work, for younger kids aged 7-11, and it’s been one of the best work moves I’ve made. Every week, their limitless enthusiasm comes bounding through the doors, […]


May 13, 2012


Girl     I like stuff. To own things, have them, earn them, buy them…mine. My stuff. I collect, like a magpie. Or so I’m told…(she gets distracted by an object) Oooh shiney. (she picks it up and pockets it) It’s a tendency, a quirk, we’ve all got them…Everyone’s got something. (she smiles) I’ve got several. Beat. […]


May 3, 2012


ME  Identity…I-dentity. Who I am, right? Who I am. What I am. What I aim to be.., as a, as a, as a person? As a, as a, as an entity. Identity. I’m meant to be my own. Me… Beat. See, see, philosophically I’m, I’m, I’m ready to be what I’m ready to be. What […]


February 5, 2012


The following dialogue should be staged simply, by two people of the same age, and preferably the same sex. It begins quite calm – like ‘I’m a PC…and I’m a Mac…’ ONE I’m an atheist… TWO And I’m a Christian… ONE I believe in logic and reason. TWO That’s funny. Me too. ONE You believe […]


February 5, 2012


NEHEMIAH ONE The Citadel. The scene is set with rhythm, and a military feel. Drums/percussion may be used to emphasise this. Four guards march through the audience to the rhythm. They make a procession through, and then begin to march around the outside. After a while, they station themselves. NARRATOR In the twentieth year of […]