Notes from Biblesync

Posted on 08/01/2013


Engaged in a little early morning Bible study this morning, after acknowledging my feeble and fickle attempts to spend time with Jesus previously. Lord, forgive me and keep me grounded in Your Word that sustains me! Biblesync began with Psalm 5 and i made some notes from verse 7: “but I, by Your great love, can come into Your house, in reverence I bow down…” – BY YOUR GREAT LOVE. The greatest love, displayed by God in the form of the life, death and resurrection of His Son Jesus, is the only way in which we can enjoy reconciliation to God. The only way in which we, like the psalmist, can hope to able to say we “…can come into Your house” and in reverence, bow down. It is not through anything that we can do ourselves. No work or manual labour. It is not dependant upon our own acts – if it was, surely we would be stuffed! It is all solely and completely, wholly and exclusively by the grace and love of God.


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