Inherit the Earth

Posted on 20/11/2012


The autumn term is hotting up! It is, without a doubt, the busiest term of the academic year. This year, I kick started a new Youth Theatre at work, for younger kids aged 7-11, and it’s been one of the best work moves I’ve made. Every week, their limitless enthusiasm comes bounding through the doors, and whilst I’m sometimes embodying the stress-head Director (though to my seniors i may be more like ‘Dictator’…), knowing that I’ve got another two hour rehearsal until the day is done, this lot continue, without fail, to make me smile week in, week out. Thank You Lord for reminding me of youthful enthusiasm, and bringing us kids who just love life! It’s great to see!

The biggest news in Youth Theatre this term, is that my Senior group are going to be producing Paul Birch’s one act play entitled Inherit the Earth – a piece about Ugandan Guerilla Group, the L.R.A. (Lord’s Resistance Army). This show is not, as many may assume, affiliated with the recent Kony campaign, but it was thought a topical choice in light of recent events, namely the surge in raising awareness of the exploitation of children across the globe. It’s a gritty play which aims to honestly portray the brutality that these youngsters face, and it’s a hard task reminding the actors, that now, this is not just a performance. What they are doing is not simply for entertainment, but to raise awareness and draw attention to this injustice.

It has been a priviledge to see where the group have got to so far, and knowing how seriously some of them take it. They have taken the initiative themselves to take this opportunity to raise money for a worthy cause, WarChild being their charity of choice, but there is still a long way to go before curtains up on Thurs 13th December! Image Thurs 13th-Sat 1th December 2012, 7:30pm, (with a 2:30pm matinee on Saturday).

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