Cast your cares onto Christ

Posted on 31/05/2012


“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” – 1 Peter 5:7


Oh, to be care-free! Skipping through life with spring in your step, dancing on into eternity…*cue reality check* *smack* *aaaaaand wake up* So if casting you cares on to Christ doesn’t mean that life is one big easy dream-like state, then what does it mean?


For those of you who don’t know me, I tend to like control. There is something in methat assumes responsibility, takes charge and ensures I deal with my problems, my way. I am in control. I take the hammer, and ready myself with a nice middle class picture of life and all the good things in it. Three…two…one…oh wait it’s not even – WHACK!


*cue gasp*


OUCH!!!”££*”WHAT THE!? **£%”£$%!$%!$%£$¬”£$¬”£$¬!?”


About three years ago my mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer, an illness that, as common as it is, it’s always a shockAll of a sudden the cosy little picture I have isknocked out of joint at an angle that can’t fix. And now my thumbs hurt. Sound familiar? The truth is, life comes with its ups and downs, but If we belong to Jesus, then our lives are His, and therefore so is the control. But the Lord is not a hi-jacker, and the control needs to be relinquished. Wneed to hand him the hammer, the nail, and the picture – even the artist’s palette – and let him do the work.


It doesn’t always fit according to our plans. God healed my mum, but He chose His own route that I now begin to see wasn’t about Him proving His healing power, butrather His faithfulness, His peace, and His promise in Rom 8:28Not that ‘all things will be easy’, or ‘all things will be quick and painless’, and certainly not ‘all things will be just as you expected!’ But that…well read it. What does it say?


God is faithful in everything, He knows what’s best, and He is always there to carry us through every situation.


Now, give1 Peter 5:7 another read. Picture yourself with a bag, and imagine that it’sfilled with all the anxieties you have in the world. You notice Jesus is stood in front of you, with His arms outstretched, and He wants that bag. Your bag. Not only does He want that bag, but He also wants all the other bags you’ve got hidden behind you that you didn’t think He’d notice. He has noticed and He watched you struggle with them all the way here. Youre tired, possibly embarrassed at the thought that He saw you trip up over yourself, and you’re not quite sure what to do next…Now, think of what the word ‘cast’ actually means. Jesus does not want you to politely hand them over (separating them out so that you don’t burden Him with all of them). Nor does he want you to tip toe to the door, place the bag down, ring the bell and do a runner! No, on three he wants you to throw them, to surrender all control and throw the bags, watching Him catch them. Trust Him. He will do it. Ready? One *cue deep breath*…two *cue throwing stance*THREE!

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