Are we ready to invest? Luke 12:34

Posted on 09/04/2012



“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”…If we labour towards making a product, giving it everything we have, it shows. A successful business is built up with passion and fervour – it cannot expect the same level of success if the heart of the labourer isn’t in it. Products are sold because people believe in them. In the Apprentice we hear all the time about the contestant must ‘believe in’ the product, because ‘Belief’ sells, and before lord sugar determines who he can hire, he weighs up the candidates credibility, and studies their track record to prove if they are worthy recruits. Successful, credible business takes investment, and unlike lord sugar’s empire, which will one day come to an end, the business of the Lord Jesus is eternal – the Kingdom of Heaven: a business that will never die, never rot, never change hands or reinvent itself (as so much of what we see today, does) – the Kingdom of God will never need rebranding! – and Jesus demands our belief in this and our trust in Him. Is the treasure we are building up, on earth or in heaven? Where is our focus, our attention, and ultimately, our heart? If we truly believe, having ‘tasted and seen that the Lord is good’, then we will invest: our time, our trust, our belief, ourselves, and the Lord will have sight of our credibility, our track record of what we did with what He gave…so when it comes to the Kingdom of God, are we ready to invest?

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